Christopher David Experience Design

Christopher David is a commercial and residential design firm that began a year ago. Our new store, which we are dubbing an "experience design center" offers new and found furniture, accessories & gifts as well as a small espresso café and a floral design area. We also do DIY classes and workshops in our space, and open our 10-person group table to anyone who wants to use it.

For our open house, we invite you to experience our space, but further, we'd like to engage you with our Design Week focus which is "How do you make a house a home?" We'll be offering some small interactivities and will invite each visitor to answer what makes a house a home to them in a format that will be combined into an electronic and physical installation that will grow throughout the week.

Oh, and we'll offer light refreshments for sure. Can't wait to see you!


Wednesday October 9
4:00-7:00 PM

Making Space Retail Interior Design