You may have noticed three friendly bespectacled faces perched atop the BSide6 building -- easily visible as you cross over the Burnside Bridge on your way to East Portland. That's Emma, in triplicate, and the inside part of that building, the 5th floor, to be specific, is home to the Portland outpost of Emma, Inc.

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Emma's web-based email marketing tools help organizations of all sizes create, send and track stylish email newsletters. It comes with great design, award-winning support and an easy-to-use interface, with no technical kung-fu required. What about regular kung-fu, you ask? Sure, if that's how you roll.

There is no actual Emma here, though we have an Emily, an Erica and a Jerry. The name "Emma" (beyond being a handy abbreviation for email marketing) speaks to our goal of making the web-based experience more approachable and more personable. Emma has an inherently human quality to it, after all. It's a real name -- like Antoinette or Frederick, only shorter. Learn more at myemma.com.