LOOPTWORKS is a Portland, OR based product design company. Our awesome products are unique because they are made from what already exists -- specifically, we source materials from factory level pre-consumer excess.

Why is this so cool? Because there is 70x more of this factory level waste than what consumers see when they are done with a product. Here as LOOPTWORKS, we rescue those high-quality unused materials, divert them from landfills & incinerators, and make quality and stylish products that fit the lifestyle of our generations.

In July of 2013, LOOPTWORKS moved its headquarters from SW 1st & Oak (by the waterfront in downtown Portland, OR) to SW 6th & Alder (near Courthouse square in downtown Portland, OR). We think our new offices are rad and would love to show them off to our friends and community.

Oh--We almost forgot to mention!! We are also celebrating our 4 year birthday and will be in full fledged party mode during our open house with a great band and beverages.

Come join us!