PNCA Design and Illustration

Joint open house for Communication Design and Illustration BFA majors, with an exhibit, refreshments, and open studio spaces hosted by our seniors and department faculty.

This year, we're exploring Signs & Symbols.

Symbols or icons are a language of their own. Formally, these designs reduce the subject matter to it’s core elements to find the beauty in simplicity. Thematically, they’re about communication, direction, provocation. Without verbal “language”, they can help you find your way in a new city, convey crucial information in times of crisis, signify a brand, or invite you in on a secret.

We challenged our advanced studios in illustration and communication design to research a symbol rooted in history and contemporary culture, and reinvent it in a way that respects its past, communicates without words, and stays true to the voice in their portfolio (where applicable).

We're opening our Center for Design (C4D) to see side-by-side illustrative and design solutions to the challenge. We're all storytellers, problem solvers, and communicators. See what happens when different types of thinkers work next door to each other, and how the work might converge or divide.

For more information about our BFA in Communication Design or Illustration, visit the PNCA website. Or check out some work from our our illustrators on tumblr.

Hosted by advanced studio faculty Kristin Rogers Brown and Thomas Cobb, and the CD/Illustration students.